About Us

Bursary Network is a community of graduates, corporates and philanthropist with a vision of enabling students with financial challenges to access the tertiary education. Bursary Network community is open to anyone with the will of backing tertiary students, therefore you are welcome to join.

Bursary Network was launched in November 2015, triggered by the mass student protests throughout majors South African Universities. The Bursary Network platform has a mandate of vetting students and presenting profiles of those that are in need of a tertiary bursary to a network of donors.

Resolving the current education funding adversity is a major task, our vision is to position Bursary Network as an alternative gateway to funding students. The students funded on Bursary Network do not have to payback but they are however encouraged to support other students who may need similar assistance in future.

We believe a focused community effort bodes well in resolving the challenges in South African Universities and Colleges.